e-Invoicing & e-VAT Reporting platform.

We are experts in e-Invoicing, electronic VAT reporting and compliance. eezi is powered by VAT IT, who has over 20 years experience in the VAT reclaim industry worldwide.

Our robust technical knowledge and tax office relations globally have allowed us to create a user-friendly cloud solution for electronic invoicing as well as electronic VAT reporting for clients.

e-Invoicing solutions and data integration

e-Reporting for VAT

Zero hassles due to our in-house developed solutions

Integration agnostic with any ERP of our clients

B2B & B2G e-invoicing.

Many countries have already introduced obligatory e-invoicing. eezi will ensure a seamless service for our clients with our in-house developed software and extensive compliance expertise.

1. Administrative procedures as a prior step to becoming an e-invoicing service provider have been completed

2. Invoice formats are regulated by government (e.g. XML, JSON)

3. The transmission of invoices differs globally, as stipulated per territory

4. Storage of invoices is required for stipulated amounts of time

How the platform works.

Our software solutions are compliant with the various e-invoicing models utilised globally and can easily be adapted as and when any legislative changes arise.

USERClientERPWe will integrate with any ERPEasy to use online portal -Digest mails including error notifications-Status monitoring-UpdatesERP data (e.g. CSV) mapped & convertedInvoice in formatOfficial communication platformEND USER-B2B recipient-Government portals (pre-clearance)-B2G recipient

Electronic Invoicing (e-Invoicing)

Invoice Creation

Once the invoice has been created, invoice data will be ingested into the e-Invoicing system. Our software is ERP agnostic to receiving data. Invoice data will be modified into a standardized format that complies with the tax authorities.

Invoice Transmission

This can be done through various mandated methods, which can include electronic data interchange (EDI), application programming interfaces (APIs), email or web portals, dependent on the territory. eezi will also electronically retrieve invoices sent from suppliers.

Invoice Validation

Before sending the invoice, the e-Invoicing system will perform logic checks on the invoice data to validate accuracy of format and completeness. eezi will ensure compliance with tax regulations to ensure successful transmission. Where required, invoice data will be sent to tax authorities for pre-clearance validation.

Digital Signatures

To ensure the authenticity and integrity of invoices, digital signatures or other secure authentication methods may be used. This helps verify that the invoice has not been tampered with during transmission.


The e-Invoicing system securely stores electronic invoices in compliance with legal requirements. This enables easy access to invoices for future reference or audits.

e-VAT Reporting

Data Extraction

The e-VAT Reporting system extracts relevant data from the electronic invoices stored in the e-Invoicing system. This includes details such as invoice numbers, dates, buyer/seller information, item descriptions, quantities, VAT amounts, and other necessary data for VAT calculations.

VAT Calculation

The e-VAT Reporting system automatically calculates the VAT amounts based on the extracted invoice data and the applicable VAT rates defined by tax authorities.

VAT Reporting

The system generates VAT reports in the required format specified by the tax authorities. These reports typically include details of sales, purchases, VAT collected, VAT paid, and other relevant information.

Submission to Tax Authorities

The e-VAT Reporting system electronically submits the VAT reports to the tax authorities as per the specified reporting frequency (monthly, quarterly, etc.). This can be done through dedicated portals, web services, or other prescribed methods.

Compliance Checks

The tax authorities receive the VAT reports and perform compliance checks and validations. They may verify the accuracy of the reported data, reconcile it with other filings, and conduct audits if necessary.

Communication and Notifications

The e-VAT Reporting system facilitates communication between businesses and tax authorities. It provides notifications regarding submission deadlines, acknowledgments, tax assessments, and any required actions.

Service management.

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eezi onboarding

Client onboarding.

Our on-boarding is an easy-to-navigate, once-off process so that clients never have to input repeat information more than once. We will get you set up and ready to go in no time!

Client interface dashboard.

eezi has built a user-friendly dashboard for clients to engage with and find useful information about the status of invoices per country, any important updates as well as key graphics including invoice-related data and stats. Digests will be sent to relevant users to avoid unnecessary logins.

Should you need assistance, we will always have a service team readily available for you to contact.

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